Mobile WKR for Framework42

Built using smart city technology on a framework42 backbone, Mobile WKR facilitates operational changes that bring quantifiable benefits to your business. Improve service response, offer higher customer service levels and increase operational capacity. Basically, get more done with the resources that you have.

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MobileWKR Benefits

MobileWKR grows with your business and offers a host benefits to your organisation.

Self Build

Up and running with little or no technical knowledge and ready to go in minutes

Paperless Office

Stop passing sheets around the office and embrace a fully digital workflow

No More Office

Push months worth of work to your mobile workforce, instantly and update with the push of a button

Faster Invoicing

Bill your customers as soon as the job is done, increasing cash flow

Grow Teams Quickly

Quick on-boarding, easy-to-use app, save money with bring your own device schemes

Assign Work Faster

See who’s doing what and where they’re doing it

Consolidate Your Data

No need for double entry of any data

Quantifiable Results

Capture KPI data for staff improvement programs and reports etc

Make your wkrs’ lives easier

Moving from paper to a digital workflow is an easy transition with MobileWKR, increasing productivity making everyones jobs a little easier.

Work Continuity

If your device is damaged or lost halfway through a job, simply download the app onto another device, log in, and carry on where you left off.

All Your Files In One Place

Photographs, PDFs, spec sheets, all can be added to a work order for quick reference.

MobileWKR Features

MobileWKR is a plugin for framework42 so it comes with all the benefits and features our cloud based portal has to offer and keeps all of your KPI’s in one place.

Drag and Drop Form Builder

Easy-to-build with many different types of customisable components

Conditional Statements

Build intelligent behaviour into your forms with conditional statements, making them quick and easy to complete and only display fields when and if they’re needed

All of your Customers

Add, import or link your customers in MobileWKR to have their entire work history and documents to hand

Spatially Aware Platform

MobileWKR knows where your customers are and where your wkrs are, schedule efficiently by getting the job to the closest person

Intelligent Data Capture

With conditional statements on your forms, improve your wkrs data collection by displaying them timely information when they need it and nothing more

Build Clever Workflows

If you need to action something as a result of data capture from your wkrs, workflows is where you’ll do it. Send instant alerts, schedule repeat visits and automate your operations here

Android Mobile App

Get up and running in minutes with the MobikeWKR app for smart phone and tablet, with real time syncing.

Work Offline

Work under the street, on top of mountains and in the middle of nowhere, as the MobileWKR app works just fine with limited network access. The app will re-sync when a network next becomes available, and has been built to optimise battery life, so don’t worry about working off the beaten track

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Request a Demo

Contact the sales team below to request a demo of any of our products. Alternatively, call us on +44(0)1952 288215.

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